Traditional values with a modern approach




Forrest Cunningham III
10 Time AAU State Champion
5 Time Junior Olympic Gold Medalist




Traditional values with a modern approach




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I started training in Tae Kwon Do 11 years ago

I started training in Tae Kwon Do 11 years ago to supplement my morning gym workouts. I continued for this long because the school provides a rigorous workout in a safe, healthy atmosphere. Master Instructor Forrest [+more]

My son, John

My son, John, has been under the instruction of Forrest Cunningham for over 10 years. During this time, John has learned much from him; discipline and the skills needed to defend himself if need be. [+more]

One man’s journey back to health


My name is Andy and this is my, back to health, story. In the fall of 2018, I weighed 244 lbs. and after a hard look in the mirror and being tired of being unhealthy I decided to take the journey on the path to health [+more]


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Fort Wayne Martial Arts


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Whether you’re looking to become physically fit or mentally tough, Cunningham’s Fort Wayne Tae Kwon Do, as seen in TaeKwonDo Times, can help you grow into the person you want to be. For an affordable price, you can learn the reliable style of self-defense which traces its roots back to Mudokwan school of Tae Kwon Do and the Kukkiwon (National Training Hall) of South Korea. Contact us today to get your first lesson for FREE!

Choosing a Fort Wayne Martial Arts School isn’t easy…Why?

Because there are many types of Martial Arts styles… and it can be confusing to understand the differences.

To us, Tae Kwon Do is the best of all Martial Arts, because besides its fame for foot and hand techniques, true Tae Kwon Do uses the entire body as a weapon. This makes it into a powerful self defense system that can be used in real life situations…while other Martial Arts focus only on hand techniques, forms or cardio workouts.

 The Tae Kwon Do sport sparring segment of our classes is modern Olympic style. Many of our students are repeat multi-event State Champions and National Champions. We are proud supporters of the AAU Tae Kwon Do program. This is a great sport that adults and, especially, kids really enjoy!

We teach traditional forms and self defense techniques that have been used to help athletes, non athletes and kids improve their focus, strength, confidence, weight and more.

Fort Wayne Martial Arts 

At Cunningham’s Fort Wayne Tae Kwon Do you’ll learn what to do if someone tries to hit, choke or grab you….and, you’ll gain heightened awareness, so you can recognize and avoid potentially violent situations before they happen.  Many of our self defense techniques work very efficiently whether standing or on the ground.

 Of course, we have classes especially designed for kids, so they will learn real ways to defend themselves from attack…and how to get out of bad situations, safely. Your child will be treated with utmost respect and will be taught in a positive, disciplined atmosphere in our clean new facility.  We teach proper manners, attitudes, and conduct, and we support the children’s positive academic achievements.

 Our students come from all walks of life…including engineers, medical professionals, school teachers, business owners, law enforcement and full-time students.

 If you want to learn how to properly defend yourself or your family…or you want your children to know how to fend off an attacker NOW is the time to Call Cunningham’s Fort Wayne Tae Kwon Do at 260-471-2500 to set up your FREE lesson.

Certified Instructor

 I’m certified by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), so you are assured you or your child is receiving the best instruction available. We are the only traditional Martial Arts school in town with standard 90 minute classes, which greatly enhances your physical conditioning and mental retention of the lesson material. This ensures you’ll be better prepared to defend yourself when threatened.

 Beware of programs that promote a fast track to black belt for one big up front fee…there is no short cut to mastering proper usable self defense techniques, only correct, repetitive physical motion and proper mental conditioning works. We do not rush anyone through our program, because we want you to be physically and mentally prepared to handle the unexpected. Take a look at the examples and testimonials in our site and you’ll see what is possible after training at Cunningham’s Tae Kwon Do. Enjoy!

 I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Forrest Cunningham
Master Instructor
Cunningham’s Fort Wayne Tae Kwon Do


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